Instrumental Music Performance Calendar 2021-2022 (as of 8/2/21*)

Aug 1-6 BAND CAMP  7AM-1PM

Aug 3 RHSMBC meeting Parent Orientation 7:00PM

AUG 7 Band Camp BBQ & Revue 11:30AM-1:00PM

Aug 23                     Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Aug 27 Football Game- Liberty

Aug 30 Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Sept 3 Football Game- Clovis

Sept 7 RHSMBC meeting 7pm

Sept 13                   Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Sept 20                   Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Sept 27 Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Oct 4                           Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Oct 5                  RHSMBC meeting 7pm

Oct 8                           Football- GVHS HOMECOMING

Oct 11                         Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Oct 14 Visual and Performing Arts Open House (Jazz, Strings,Adv. Band, Choir, Drama) 6:30pm

Oct 18                        Monday Night Rehearsal         6pm-9pm

Oct 22                         Football- BCHS 

Oct 23                         Field Show- CBCS show (frontier hs)

Oct 25                         Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Oct 29 Football Game- Independence (senior night)

Oct 30                         Field Show- The Howl at Ridgeview All Day

Nov. 1-5* THEATRE – Dancing With The Teachers [Tech Week & Show] 

Nov 1                      Monday Night Rehearsal                       6pm-9pm

Nov 2                      RHSMBC meeting 7pm

Nov 6                  Field Show- GSTOB (clovis)

Nov 8                      MNR- Friends and Family Night (show 7:45pm) 6pm-9pm

Nov 13                      Field Show- Stockdale Band Spectacular

Dec 1                      Jazz Christmas at Kern City?

Dec 2                      Downtown Christmas Parade

Dec 6                    Honor Band/Orchestra Auditions at EBHS 5:30pm

Dec 7                      RHSMBC meeting 7pm

Dec. 9-10* THEATRE – Children’s Show Tour [Tech Week & Show]

Dec 13                    Vanguard Awards Potluck Dinner -cafeteria 6pm-8pm

Dec 14                  Choir Christmas Concert 7:00pm

Dec 16                  Instrumental Christmas Concert 7:00pm

Jan 4                          RHSMBC Meeting 7pm

Jan 8 Honor Band/Orchestra rehearsal

Jan 22 Honor Band/Orchestra rehearsal

Jan.  29 PPAACC #1 

Jan  24 Honor Band/Orchestra rehearsal  (school site) 1:00-5:00

Jan  25 Honor Band/Orchestra rehearsal (Rabobank) 8:30-12:30

January   25                       Grand Night for Music (Rabobank Theater)

Feb. 1                         RHSMBC meeting 7pm

Feb. 5 PPAACC #2 

Feb.  19 PPAACC #3 

Mar. 5 PPAACC #4

Feb 22 Choir Festival- Beginning Choirs 9:30-11:30

Mar 1                             RHSMBC meeting 7pm

Mar 1 Mardi Gras w/Mento Buru at Crystal Palace

Mar 19 PPAACC #5

March 10,11                       Instrumental Festival Preview Concert (w/Stonecreek?)

March                         Honor Jazz Band Audition?

Mar.  15                      Choir Festival Preview concert

March 15,16,17,18                     CMEA Large Group Festival (Stockdale and EBHS)

March Final Fling for Indoor Season 7PM

Apr. 2 PPAACC Championship (Colorguard)

Apr. 2 PPAACC Championship (Percussion)

April 5                                 RHSMBC meeting 7pm

April 7                                 KCMEA Jazz Day at Bakersfield College  (jazz band)

April 25-30*      THEATRE – Spring Musical [Tech Week & Shows] 

May 3                                 RHSMBC meeting 7pm

April -May ?                Drama- Spring Musical

May   5 Instrumental Spring concert

May 10                           Twilight Serenade Ice Cream Social 6:30pm

May 13                           Choir Pops Concert 7:00pm

May 20* THEATRE – Senior Projects Assemblies ( DATE TBA)

May 27                   Graduation

June 2                                RHSMBC meeting 7pm

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